Stefani + ivana

"These past 9 months of my life have changed me, for the better. Never in my wildest dreams did I think a sweet unborn baby girl could change the way I think, see, and do. Being pregnant has been the biggest blessing in my husband's and my life. We truly can not wait to meet our sweet daughter, Ivana! She has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. And yes, I know in the coming weeks/months ahead we will be sleep deprived, walking zombies, but we will be grateful for every waking moment that we have with her.  Our maternity/family shoot was such a special moment for us. It was our first of many family photos, and even Ivana's doggie guard was present! The one thing that I am looking forward to the most about Ivana's arrival is that I now will get the chance to be a great mother to her and teach her all the things that my mother has to me over the years. That I will get to be a mother just like my mother. A wonderful, strong, beautiful, caring, loving mother to my sweet, sweet daughter." Stefani, mama of Ivana