Landri Gayle

"Before Landri was born, I didn’t think there was a way that I could love another person as much as I love Charlie.  Now that she is here, it’s as if God just opened up my heart to love so much more than I could ever imagined.

I sit here and stare at my two precious girls and couldn’t be happier. I reflect over the past few days and how much our lives have changed. Being a parent is a very humbling experience.  You learn quickly how much you do not know or as with the second child, how much you’ve forgotten.  Time has flown by and it seems like yesterday I was holding Charlie as a newborn and now here she is helping me with Landri and calling her “my baby.”  Charlie’s love for Landri melts my heart and I hope they are always best friends.

My doctor let Jared deliver Landri, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. To say I’m lucky to have him is an understatement.  He has seen me at my best and my worst and still loves me and thinks I’m beautiful (even if I’m sporting these awesome mesh panties from the hospital a week later).  I just love the way he loves us. 

My heart is so full, and I’m so blessed that God has chosen me to be the mother of these two girls. As I stare at Landri and think about how long we prayed for this child, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness and how much we need him throughout this entire parenthood process." Lacey, mama of Charlie and Landri