Neva + Shep

"I've never felt so elegant and graceful, and absent-minded and exhausted. He is calm and joyful, with hints of rebellion emerging. I am grateful for his health. I am thankful for the hands around him who love and care for him: my husbands, his grandmothers and grandfather, friends. These people help me be a better mother by not only giving him the opportunity see how others love him, but they embolden me as a mother by allowing me to re-experience a little bit of independence every now and again. This allows me to recharge and be fully present with him.

Motherhood has been one of the most humbling experiences. Each day I am reminded that I have nothing figured out, and I never will. There is endless beauty in this release of control and power, albeit a daily release, but the ultimate acknowledgement that we are not in control, but also not alone - it takes true reliance and resting in faith, along with our "village" and fellow mothers that God has provided, to sustain a job like this. The support for each other, that the women I know have shown me, and that I try to show others has stood out show much in this season. I am so thankful to Sara for drawing this out: the beauty and power of women in their femininity as individuals and mothers. 

I've been on this generously supported journey for a year today and it is the proudest, hardest and most mesmerizing adventure I've experienced on this Earth. Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!" Neva, mama of Shep