Iver Golden

"Life surprised us with baby number 2!  Having been through the birth process once, we knew more going into this one than the first time. It wasn't that our daughter's was bad, but we knew it could & should be more special. That's why we chose a home birth. The intimacy & feeling of self-empowerment exceeded every expectation we had. The most proud moment was having our soon-to-be 3 year old motivating me during labor. We've made sure to keep her included during this entire experience by explaining the pregnancy, the birth and the breastfeeding. She is well informed & such a big helper. We truly think it made the transition to becoming a big sister a little more smooth. 

My biggest fear during pregnancy and these first couple weeks was losing my special relationship with her. I've wondered how the bond between a first born could ever be replicated. She has been my whole world for the past 3 years & I fear I can't give her the same attentiveness I always have. But things are still new & it's something I will strive to always work on, the bond between her & I, him & I, the three of us and the four of us. Witnessing the love she has for baby brother almost washes away the insecurities but unfortunately, I think they'll always linger with motherhood. All we can do is aim to be our best selves for them, us and our futures." Chantal, mama to Luna Pearl and Iver Golden