Jena + Kinley + Dakota

"Before Dakota joined our family, I couldn't imagine our tribe of three having four. I couldn't imagine my heart loving a second child as much as I loved Kinley. I couldn't imagine more joy than what we had at the time. Now, I can't fathom our lives without our sweet and oh so perfect Dakota. We were not complete without her, and it is so obvious now. 

It was a ROUGH start though. The first six months of her life were the hardest six of mine. She was screaming, I was crying, no one was sleeping. As I read all these picture perfect posts from other mommas about their babies being so happy and sleeping through the night, I couldn't help but be sad. I felt like I wasn't able to enjoy my baby being little like everyone else. Now that we are past the rough times and Dakota is feeling better, I can embrace our experience and even appreciate it in some crazy way.  The Lord gave me strength I never knew I had. 

Every day with these two is filled with so much JOY....also stress, messes and tons of questions. But still, so much JOY. Being a momma is such a gift, and it's not one I take for granted."

Jena, mama of Kinley + Dakota