Baby Harlan

"They say giving birth the second time is easier, and in a lot of ways it is. It's like the difference between the first day of your freshman year and the first day of your senior year. By the second round you have some confidence, you know the ropes, and there is something very peaceful about that. The day Harlan was born was just that, peaceful...wonderful, familiar and calm. 

The part we were unsure of, the waters we had never tread before, were the boys meeting each other. I was full of joy, anticipation and a little bit of mama fear for how this would feel. Would Barrett be ok? That precious little toddler had been our whole world for the last 3 years and here we were about to change his in a big way. But we couldn't have dreamed of a better reception. We all wept. We all hugged. And there we were, in hospital room 869 suddenly a complete family of four. He never skipped a beat, that little Bubs. He eagerly embraced his role as big brother from the moment he met Harlan only the way the pure heart of a child could, and it's been wonderful since. 

Sometimes the hours feel like days during these first few weeks as we try to find our new rhythm. I have to remind myself to be still and take in the small moments of quiet with each of the boys; the wee hours of morning when I'm feeding Harlan, and the bedtime stories with Barrett and his big imagination. Both of them are changing and growing so fast. Soon these newborn days will be over and so will the toddler 3's. And while both stages are bittersweet, each containing their own challenges and wonderful moments, I know I'll miss all of it when they are gone and long for the days when they were both little because oh how beautiful these days are." Adin, mama of Barrett & Harlan