Diana + Mia

"'HE knows that your heart needs to be softened.'

Wise words my mommy whispered in my ear when she knew her little girl was freaking the hell out! She was spot on. 

Being my daughter’s mother has opened up my heart in countless ways. She has taught me how to view the world with kinder eyes, and breathe a little more often when the journey seems rough. My heart had started to become jaded and cold, especially at work. Unfortunately, my line of duty can do that to people. But after her, my job took on a whole new meaning. A meaning of providing and wholeheartedly giving back so that the community she will grow up in is not only healthier, but safer. 

Even though mommy world comes with many beautiful moments, it also comes with some pretty tough ones as well. Saying I wasn't ready is by far an understatement! I think I was in shock for those first two weeks. I honestly didn't even breathe well until she was 6 weeks along! It was definitely an adjustment for all of us. Imagine suddenly moving in with someone you never lived with before, and the only form of communication are grunts and cries! Oh! And you are responsible for keeping them alive! Yea. Stress! The lack of sleep is the biggest adjustment. Even though they said, "sleep when baby sleeps," it is simply NOT ENOUGH! I miss sleep. 

Would I trade it all back? Not ever. Watching my husband turn into a daddy has been simply beautiful. It's like I am seeing the man my husband was always meant to be. The immense love he has poured into our nugget, warms my heart like nothing else. Now all of our sleepless nights and tired, long days, will always be re-energized by our daughter’s smile. She is worth every bit of lost sleep and every ounce of energy left in us. For you, baby girl, for you we live." Diana, mama of Mia