"When I think of becoming a mother to another little girl several emotions come to mind… excited, scared, and blessed are just a few.  

Excited because I am giving Charlie a best friend.  I cannot wait to see those two playing together and the bond they will form.  I always wanted a sister and I’m so excited to be able to give Charlie one.  My heart is overjoyed when she talks about all the things she’s going to show her sister or teach her.  She cannot wait either and that makes me so happy. 

Scared because I think, oh my goodness what am I going to do with two!  Scared because now I know all the things that can happen and how birthing a baby is truly a miracle.  With my first I was naïve but sometimes ignorance is bliss. 

And Blessed because God chose us to be her parents.  We struggled to get pregnant this time around and had no idea that secondary infertility was a thing.  We had come to terms with the idea that maybe God just wanted us to have one.  It was an emotional rollercoaster especially after envisioning raising a house full of kids.  It truly happened in His time and we couldn’t feel more blessed.  Every movement, kick, or hiccup is just as wonderful as the first time I felt her.  I’m not taking anything for granted and am cherishing every moment of this little girl.  I cannot wait to see her and hold her, but first we do need a name." Lacey, mama of Charlie and baby girl Thornhill

Katy + Daxon

"Being a mom is the hardest job I have ever done but also the most rewarding - I wouldn't trade it for anything! It has forced me to practice patience daily and constantly accept my short comings. Experiencing the love for a child is like no other love. It is instantaneous and grows stronger and deeper with each day. I hope that Daxon learns to take risks and that through God anything is possible. No matter what life brings him I pray that he stays true to himself and does not waiver." Katy, mama of Daxon

Baby Harlan

"They say giving birth the second time is easier, and in a lot of ways it is. It's like the difference between the first day of your freshman year and the first day of your senior year. By the second round you have some confidence, you know the ropes, and there is something very peaceful about that. The day Harlan was born was just that, peaceful...wonderful, familiar and calm. 

The part we were unsure of, the waters we had never tread before, were the boys meeting each other. I was full of joy, anticipation and a little bit of mama fear for how this would feel. Would Barrett be ok? That precious little toddler had been our whole world for the last 3 years and here we were about to change his in a big way. But we couldn't have dreamed of a better reception. We all wept. We all hugged. And there we were, in hospital room 869 suddenly a complete family of four. He never skipped a beat, that little Bubs. He eagerly embraced his role as big brother from the moment he met Harlan only the way the pure heart of a child could, and it's been wonderful since. 

Sometimes the hours feel like days during these first few weeks as we try to find our new rhythm. I have to remind myself to be still and take in the small moments of quiet with each of the boys; the wee hours of morning when I'm feeding Harlan, and the bedtime stories with Barrett and his big imagination. Both of them are changing and growing so fast. Soon these newborn days will be over and so will the toddler 3's. And while both stages are bittersweet, each containing their own challenges and wonderful moments, I know I'll miss all of it when they are gone and long for the days when they were both little because oh how beautiful these days are." Adin, mama of Barrett & Harlan

Diana + Mia

"'HE knows that your heart needs to be softened.'

Wise words my mommy whispered in my ear when she knew her little girl was freaking the hell out! She was spot on. 

Being my daughter’s mother has opened up my heart in countless ways. She has taught me how to view the world with kinder eyes, and breathe a little more often when the journey seems rough. My heart had started to become jaded and cold, especially at work. Unfortunately, my line of duty can do that to people. But after her, my job took on a whole new meaning. A meaning of providing and wholeheartedly giving back so that the community she will grow up in is not only healthier, but safer. 

Even though mommy world comes with many beautiful moments, it also comes with some pretty tough ones as well. Saying I wasn't ready is by far an understatement! I think I was in shock for those first two weeks. I honestly didn't even breathe well until she was 6 weeks along! It was definitely an adjustment for all of us. Imagine suddenly moving in with someone you never lived with before, and the only form of communication are grunts and cries! Oh! And you are responsible for keeping them alive! Yea. Stress! The lack of sleep is the biggest adjustment. Even though they said, "sleep when baby sleeps," it is simply NOT ENOUGH! I miss sleep. 

Would I trade it all back? Not ever. Watching my husband turn into a daddy has been simply beautiful. It's like I am seeing the man my husband was always meant to be. The immense love he has poured into our nugget, warms my heart like nothing else. Now all of our sleepless nights and tired, long days, will always be re-energized by our daughter’s smile. She is worth every bit of lost sleep and every ounce of energy left in us. For you, baby girl, for you we live." Diana, mama of Mia

Jena + Kinley + Dakota

"Before Dakota joined our family, I couldn't imagine our tribe of three having four. I couldn't imagine my heart loving a second child as much as I loved Kinley. I couldn't imagine more joy than what we had at the time. Now, I can't fathom our lives without our sweet and oh so perfect Dakota. We were not complete without her, and it is so obvious now. 

It was a ROUGH start though. The first six months of her life were the hardest six of mine. She was screaming, I was crying, no one was sleeping. As I read all these picture perfect posts from other mommas about their babies being so happy and sleeping through the night, I couldn't help but be sad. I felt like I wasn't able to enjoy my baby being little like everyone else. Now that we are past the rough times and Dakota is feeling better, I can embrace our experience and even appreciate it in some crazy way.  The Lord gave me strength I never knew I had. 

Every day with these two is filled with so much JOY....also stress, messes and tons of questions. But still, so much JOY. Being a momma is such a gift, and it's not one I take for granted."

Jena, mama of Kinley + Dakota